Welcome to the Haiku section. This area is dedicated to 17 syllable poetry in Haiku or American Sentence format.

May 15th

the children are out
flesh sunlit amidst grass, mud
and the smell of rot

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the cat is writhing
like a serpent on the floor
venom in his blood

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December 17th

Sizzling like piss,
the rain spit on my clenched fist
ignites into flames.

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September 18th

I want to scratch you
when I’m around you. I love
you when you’re itchy.

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September 4th


Fuck me – I can’t go
into the co-op right now.
Guess I’ll just make eggs.

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July 12th


Shirred eggs, piano.
Normally well behaved
adults holding on.

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October 11th

Test of strength; time
to stay alive inside and
stop going away.

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Ripping hot all-night
jam session with Romulus.
We got lost again.

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September 4th

Don’t look for it.
It’s not there ever any
more without reason.

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Alive today gone
tomorrow is another
time to be wasted.

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